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"Ginger  Z really took the time to understand the roots of my struggle with intimacy and didn't give up on me even when I wanted to give up on myself.   I was able to find a healthier relationship with myself that allowed me to have healthier relationships with my partners"


"I was incredibly nervous admitting our struggles with polyamory and kink.  Ginger made us immediately feel comfortable and safe and enabled our exploration.  We have been able to really dive into things we have always wanted to explore."

                                                                             -AL & GS

"As a long time professional in the  BDSM scene, it's been a wonderful experience to teach with Ginger Z.  Her fresh perspective, honesty, and consent forward attitude has made her one of the most in demand instructors in the city"


"Ginger helped me see what I didn’t want to see, but I needed to see with my break up and with myself. She helped me use what I was feeling and channel it into what I needed to make positive change in my life while still helping me feel better about who I am."


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