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Through coaching we explore our relationships with others and ourselves. 


Whether dealing with past trauma, fear and self judgment, or just trying to bring new life into a relationship, coaching sessions bring new perspective through a holistic, therapeutic approach based in consent and self exploration.

Personal Help

  • Address Sexual Dysfunctions

  • Kink Acceptance

  • Remove Shame

  • Ease Dysphoria

  • Heal from Trauma / Abuse

  • Improve Self-Pleasure

Education Help

  • Safe Kink Practices

  • Craft Dating Profiles

  • Exploring Sex Toys

  • Improve Self-Pleasure

  • Non-Monogamy & BDSM Questions

Relationship Help

  • Effective Communication

  • Mend Struggling Relationships

  • Find Sexual Balance

  • Non-Monogamy Negotiations

  • Power Exchange Negotiations

And More...

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